Keeping Cold Storage Tanks at the Right Temperature

If you work with temperature-sensitive liquid products like ammonia, butane or thermal energy storage mediums, properly insulating your cold storage tanks is absolutely critical. Constantly fluctuating external temperatures can wreak havoc, potentially spoiling products or even rendering them volatile if they get too warm. Thankfully, specialized insulation systems are available to ensure your cold storage tanks maintain the proper ambient temperature no matter the conditions outside.

For over 40 years, Vertarib has been an industry leader in designing and installing top-quality insulation for industrial cold storage tanks. This Long Island-based company employs a team of engineers and insulation experts to craft customized insulation solutions that exceed industry requirements. From initial consultation to final installation, they guide clients through the entire process.

Vertarib takes the time to thoroughly understand each client’s unique cold storage needs and the relevant regulations for their geographical area. They then recommend the ideal insulation products and designs to maintain the required temperature range. Their systems can keep ammonia-based products as low as -50°F, prevent butane volatility, and hold thermal energy storage mediums between 24°F and 40°F.

The company laminates aluminum sheathing panels of various thicknesses with isocyanurate foam to block thermal energy transfer. For facilities in warm climates or direct sunlight, they add extra protective layers. Vertarib’s attractive, well-insulated thermal energy tanks blend seamlessly into surrounding landscapes.

With proven solutions for a wide range of cold storage applications, Vertarib gives clients peace of mind that their temperature-sensitive liquid products will remain stable and safe. By investing in the proper insulation system, you safeguard your cold storage tanks against the elements and protect your valuable inventory from spoilage. Reach out to Vertarib’s experts to ensure your cold storage needs are met.